Video lessons with Antal Zalai

During COVID-19 pandemic I am available for video violin lessons. If you are interested to have a video lesson, please follow the instructions below. In case of any question concerning the lessons, write to the e-mail address antalzalai.videolessons(at)yahoo.com.
Record your playing with a camera, or smartphone. The lenght of the recording should be between 3 to 20 minutes: a piece or movement from the violin repertoire. Your upper body should be clearly visible including both of your arms. If you have any specific questions about interpretation or technique, please tell all of them to the camera. Also please tell a few words about yourself and your history with violin.
Upload your video to anywhere I can watch or download it, on Google Drive or YouTube (as an unlisted or private video) for example, and send the link to the e-mail address antalzalai.videolessons(at)yahoo.com
In the same time, please pay the fee of this lesson - 120 USD - by Paypal using the same e-mail address: antalzalai.videolessons(at)yahoo.com
Within four days I will send you my video answer that will include my detailed comments on your playing, my advices, my answers to your questions, etc. My video will be at least 20 minutes long (usually 60-70 minutes) and I will send you a Google Drive link, so you can download the video. Please don't share my video publicly on internet, it's only for you privately. Of course I will not share your video publicly on internet either.
If you have any further questions about the video lessons, please write to the e-mail address antalzalai.videolessons(at)yahoo.com
A non-disclosure agreement is made between Antal Zalai (the "Disclosing Party") and the violin student (the "Receiving Party") upon requesting a Video Lesson created by Antal Zalai (the "Video Lesson").
The Agreement is intended to prevent the unauthorized disclosure of the Video Lesson.
Without Disclosing Party's prior written consent, Receiving Party will not: (a) disclose the Video Lesson to any third party on any public platform; (b) make any commercial use of the Video Lesson; (c) will carefully restrict access to the Video Lesson.
Upon requesting a Video Lesson the Receiving Party agrees on the terms of the Non-Disclosure Agreement.